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How will technology, innovation reshape Wall Street?

RedTeam is a Consultancy for Fintech innovation focusing upon  Technology, Innovation and the Future of Wall Street, led by former top-ranked Wall St Apple analyst and tech entrepreneur Mike Abramsky.  

The long-changing dominance of traditional financial institutions and advisors – the core (and most profitable) business of wall street – is poised for significant change …

3 Main ‘Perfect Storm’ Drivers of this:  Financial, Demographic and Technology.


Risk Aversion Post-Financial Crisis and The Quest for Lower Fees/Higher Returns


Rise of Gen Z and their fundamental shift in Financial attitudes;


FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netfllix, Google/Alphabet) in combination with AI/Web/Smartphones/Cloud – powering a superior customer experience


Mike Abramsky on BNN Bloomberg commenting on the latest Apple iPhone and Watch announcements: