VIDEO:Mike Abramsky – interview discussing the PeerScale network experience

Red Team: Insights, Strategies and Technology Leadership

Red Team – Def: a group that explicitly challenges a company’s strategy, products, and preconceived notions. It frames a problem from the perspective of an adversary or sceptic, to find gaps in plans, and to avoid blunders – Financial Times Lexicon.

and No. Firms that only need to deploy 'productized' #AI - which doesn't require expensive data scientists or IT - can be fast followers. [via @HarvardBiz]

Why Companies That Wait to Adopt AI May Never Catch Up

The “fast follower” strategy won’t work.

"Curiosity-driven learning" - will it focus upon solving the problems of its human masters - or prioritize those it finds most interesting? [via @TheEconomist] #MachineLearning

A sense of curiosity is helpful for artificial intelligence

Another approach to training machines

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Apple Watch + Your Private Health Data​: Better Watch Out

I just purchased the new Apple Watch 4, and it’s a major improvement, especially with its (pending) Health Monitoring and FDA-Approved Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) capabilities. I predict these features will be a huge boost to mainstream consumer health and activity...

What is Explainable AI?

These Excerpts appeared in an article on CMSWire written by Erika Morphy. Artificial intelligence appears to be creeping into every corner of our lives. And it's making some pretty big decisions for us, which begs the question, how is it making these decisions? An...

Fire Your CIO

by Mike Abramsky, CEO, Red Team. This article appeared on Friday October 5 2012. Do you stifle productivity – or shoot the CIO? That’s the dilemma increasingly faced by CEOs. With the rise of tablets, smartphones, social media, apps and personal clouds, we...