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Mike Abramsky
Mike Abramsky

Mike Abramsky, CEO

A seasoned entrepreneur, Mike was the CEO of two enterprise global software companies, including the leading global FinTech platform for commercial real estate and a global leader in retail payments for travel. 

Mike was also a highly-ranked Wall Street analyst and Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets where he worked with dozens of management teams, led multiple IPOs,  forecast the emergence of new markets such as SaaS and smartphones, and covered technology sectors and key companies, including Apple and Research in Motion, for a decade. 

Mike holds a MS in Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.

“I have been CEO of two vertical enterprise software companies, one FinTech and the other in mobile payments.  I am a ‘Growth Barrier Breakthrough’ leader, helping tech leaders and companies with great ideas, team and markets unlock value, and break through growth barriers to achieve scale. I was also a top ranked Wall St Technology Analyst for RBC Capital Markets for a decade, covering Apple and others. I am excited about emerging opportunities and threats in evolving tech markets — and the related value creation and destruction. I see hidden value and threats in companies facing disruptive change (artificial intelligence, SaaS, mobile, blockchain), and breakthrough barriers to growth.”

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