Services & Expertise

How RedTeam can help unleash productivity and innovation through new technologies.

We collaborate with clients in ‘Retooling’ — supporting new employee-driven process innovations through technology, while balancing risk and security.

Strategy Sessions: Working with senior managers in IT and the executive team, we conduct a ½ day strategy session to establish new approaches and principles in working with new, disruptive technologies and employee-sourced innovations. The key issue is how to nurture important new process innovations, while protecting the company. Session outcomes include:

  • High level CEO-driven ‘retooling principles’
  • Risk/reward framework for decision making
  • IT’s changing role: “test and learn” approach for new solutions
  • New processes/committees important to Retooling
  • 12 month plan and next steps

Creative Sessions:  Working with front-line managers we conduct workshops regarding how to reinvent existing processes through these new tools – and how to work with IT to get them supported and budgeted.

IT Security vs Freedom:  We work with IT to establish ‘light touch’ policies that balance security of these new tools with employee autonomy.  We also address working with smaller vendors, and new processes. We also address self-support and costs.

Technology Intelligence: We develop a plan for staying on top of end-user technologies.

IT, Technology Strategy:  Consistent with our ‘Red Team’ approach, we can provide confidential, unbiased strategic input on current or pending initiatives, holdings or planned investments. 

Key Decision Support:  We can assist in providing an independent view and inputs around high stakes or key strategic decisions to help improve successful outcomes.  We can assist in data-driven models to help inform strategic decisions.

Board Input and Contribution:  We can offer independent views for Boards of Directors including impact and feedback on current or pending strategies, strategic plan review and input.

Technology Marketing, Sales, Product:  We bring to bear our experience in mobile, services, software, hardware, online and related technology fields to help assess, risk-evaluate or augment product, marketing or related technology strategies, plans and tactics.

Note: We do not provide any service requiring licensing under securities regulations.