Mike and Red Team work with with you to:
Scale, lower costs, manage risk and increasing competitive advantage

  • Rapid, objective, independent review of strategy, plans

  • Challenge your thinking, how the problem has been framed, and the assumptions made

  • Easy to understand, actionable strategies

  • Uncover Insights that you may not have considered

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90 Day Red Team Review

  • Review your strategy, plans, assumptions and mission data
  • Talk with your teams and key stakeholders; review internal and external recommendations
  • In 90 Days, you’ll receive:
    • Summary analysis and competitive landscape.
    • Independent assessment of the strengths and vulnerabilities of your strategy.
    • Develop options to proceed, and the probabilities of success/failure of each option.
    • Deliver valuable insights and perspective to inspire and challenge your thinking.

Strategy Workshops

  • Half-Day workshops with your leadership team
  • Brainstorming review of your strategy and plan
  • Challenge current assumptions and problem framing
  • Explore the probabilities of success/failure and options for proceeding

Collaborative consulting

  • Identify meaningful insights and scenarios around the future of your business
  • Identify and establish technology objectives to drive transformation and growth
  • Create a clear roadmap to ensure future competitive advantage

Keynote speaking and corporate presentations

Presentations to your leadership team and/or stakeholders

  • How to Survive and Thrive in an AI-driven, Big Data World
  • Three Keys to Disrupting Conventional Thinking in your Strategy
  • How Response to Technology Disruption Succeeds – and Fails – and Why
  • Digital Transformation – The Good, Bad and Ugly
  • Role of the CEO Transformed
  • AI Demystified and Application to Strategy
  • Fact, Fiction and Realities of Adopting New Technologies Like AI and Blockchain

Industry studies and whitepapers

  • Developing In-depth, knowledge and insider viewpoints
  • Thought leadership
  • Intelligence with guidance, recommendations, and identification of key trends
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